The Solution

Most people look to candidates for which issues they are championing.  I am here to work for and provide solutions to the people.  Most politicians do not have the experience to back up their ideas.  I do not have ideas I have solutions.  I am not coming to the table to learn from scratch, I am seeking a seat at the table to represent the community I have taken the time to learn and lead from A to Z.   The New American Agenda encompasses all issues Criminal Justice Reform, Education, Civil Rights, Healthcare, Economics and Business and puts them in position where we can grow, formulate and execute a blueprint that will accelerate our global positioning. 

We can SOLVE the persistent cycle of poverty and violence in urban communities and create a foundation for long-lasting prosperity.  Our intention is to move past “working on it” with an approach that harnesses the pillars of prosperity to catapult these communities from the bottom of US performance to a globally competitive position in one generation.


The Pillars of Prosperity

Human Capital Development

We will unleash the talent of the Community to become globally competitive and well prepared to earn a living in the 21st century. 

  • Developing human capital strategies to understand the work of the future


  • Maximizing the potential of each individual through education, job training,  and physical and mental health.


Economic Development

We will create a platform for magnetizing investment and inspiring entrepreneurship for the next generation of community-owned enterprise that will lay the foundation for multi-generational prosperity in the 21st century.

  • Private funding platform for the community including foreign investment, crowd-funding, preparation of businesses for financing and cryptocurrency.

Citizen Engagement

We will empower the Community to become a powerful political force in the 21st century.

  • Solution Development and Citizen enabling (voting, community safety, law enforcement, criminal justice reform, know your rights, civics education).


  • Public, regulatory, and media education on  New American Agenda policy activity.

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NY Congressional District 14 

Queens and the Bronx